Speed Home Care Recovery after C-Section Surgery and Birth with The C-Section Recovery Kit and our Cotton Belly Bands as part of your Birth Plan & Post Partum care at home. Best C Section tip to shorten Maternity healing timeline after Pregnancy include our Soft Cotton Belly Bands with Extra Strap and Massage Therapy DVD guide. Compress your tummy after a C Section and be in less pain!

Use the most comfortable Belly Band and Strap, an all Cotton Core abdominal binder that adjusts with your changing body. Best Medical product that is covered by Insurance: Use code HSPCS L0625 Binding and Massage help to speed healing. Easy to follow Massage Therapy DVD for a smaller C/S scar,and includes a skin brush: Use it to reduce swelling & ingrown hairs in the scar line. Reduce Post Partum depression with our Meditation DVD.

Self Care is key to your recovery. Be proactive in your care and buy today.

Best Baby Registry item, Baby Shower or Doula Care gift for Hospital bag. Protect Incision & Lower back to breastfeed and walk more easily after Cesarean.

Compression pushes tissue closer together and reduces stress, pain and protects your scar.

Prepare your Hospital or Doula bag before having baby by adding our soft binders or Recovery Kit!

You will be so happy to use our product, YOU deserve to feel great!

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