Heal and prepare for your c-section recovery,Maternity and postpartum shapewear trusted & used by Doctors, doulas, and C-Section moms for the best tummy/belly support.

Prepare for your Recovery & Heal faster after the C-Section birth with the C Section Recovery Kit and belt, tips and belly band to include in your Birth Plan for a smaller C scar. Move with ease, and focus on baby more easily. Its not fair to not care for a C Section Mom! CH20 for a discount on this site! Very adjustable: Twice as much velcro as other brands! Tell your DR to change gloves before sewing up skin layers to reduce infections! C Section glove change reduce infections: Study Minnesota Hospital study finds less infections with glove change!

Get out of bed, breastfeed, hold baby and laugh easily wearing our soft cotton belly band. Heal better with massage therapy video and skin brush. Reduce post partum depression & complications, infections, stress and discomfort with our Cotton belly band and C scar massage video. Soft cotton belly bands, massage and skin brushing. We include the best tips for surgery and after care so you can improve your Hospital discharge plan.

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