C Section Recovery Kit After Care and Belly belt and Scar Massage video: In service to your health

The C-Section Recovery Kit & Belly Belt is the best after care medical product to use in the hospital. Walk, hold baby, sleep in greater comfort with the C Section Belly band. Improve post surgery/partum care in hospital and then later at home with our health care product.

After 20 years of Massage therapy experience, this C Section Care product was created to educate as to the importance of binding and massage for post surgical scar care, for the scar is so important for the longterm wellbeing of the individual.Pain with adhesions is a very real health issue. We are a small woman owned business and are here to serve all in improving recovery after surgery or vaginal birth. In business since 2008, we are committed to helping ease the process of a surgery, and want to educate people on how to better care for themselves so they can parent more easily with a new baby.

Surgery and complications after surgery account for at least $1 Billion annually in secondary surgeries to remove abdominal adhesions, or close incisions that have opened. Binding is an accepted modality to improve post surgical movement, like walking, reducing stress and improving patient outlook. Maui Healing Kits,llc believes that an empowered patient/client will recover more easily and have fewer complications, thereby enhancing time with the new addition to the family. All the best- Christina

  • We strive to promote healthy recovery after C Section/Cesarean childbirth & surgery with abdominal binders and massage therapy for self care.
  • Christina Hemming LMT has been in practice since 1989 and studied MFR, and worked at Therapy on the Rocks Clinic in Sedona, Az for several years, studied with Upledger- Cranial Sacral therapy and worked 8 years at the Four Seasons Hotel in Wailea HI. Scar therapy and chronic pain management are the areas of study.
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