Binder Sizing Chart

Due to the unique changing size and shape a women’s body goes through during and after pregnancy, this guideline will help you choose the best fit for your AbdoMend™ C Section Support Binder and Strap and Hem It In support binder. Before taking the binder to the Hospital, please check the size for your body and please practice putting it on, so its easy to use. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Sizing Issues? Please contact us with any questions.

Sizing Chart for Abdomend Support Binder & Strap

Steps: Measure below belly button and then reduce by 4" (6-8" for twins) to get post childbirth approximate size. This binder is a wide cotton cloth, not elasticized, so its different than the Hem It In binder.

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Binder
Petite 27” - 34” 6" wide
Small 32” - 40” 8" wide
Medium 38” - 46” 8" wide
Large 44” - 52” 10" wide

Sizing Chart for Abdomend Hem-It-In-Binder

Vaginal birth,10 days-2 weeks post cesarean, or Laparoscopic surgery: This binder is smaller and compresses more than the After Surgery Binder above.

Reduce below belly button measurement by 4" to arrive at post childbirth size.

Not pregnant-If Laproscopic or other surgery is used immediately after surgery, add 3-4" for post surgery swelling or call us.

Size Belly Measurement* Width of Binder
Petite 24” - 34” 5" wide
Small 32” - 38” 6" wide
Medium 33” - 42” 8" wide
Large 38” - 47” 8" wide

Tip: To make the Hem-It-In Binder smaller, turn it inside out.

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