Questions to ask your doctor before C Section birth

The best tips after a Repeat C Section is to wear our C-Section Recovery Kit Belt/Band/strap in the Hospital, tell Dr to use C Safe Scalpel,Suture skin,Seed vagina with cotton for Microbial exposure for baby, Skin to Skin Contact

We understand your fundamental needs to feel better and move with greater ease.The Recovery Kit has our soft cotton bands to help you from the first time you get out of bed in the hospital. When our cut tissue isn't supported with binding after surgery it doesn't heal as well. This can lead to an irregular scar and internal scars called adhesions. Abdominal adhesions play a mischevious part in future health issues and reducing the internal scarring reduces their probability as well as other complications.

With the extended skin from pregnancy cut for the cesarean delivery, tissue binding is of utmost importance after baby arrives.

Other c-section Tips to discuss with your Doctor

  • Dr places Cotton in your vagina then rubs baby's face and mouth for immune system exposure and strength
  • Ask your Dr to use a hemostatic to reduce bleeding,
  • Ask Dr to use the C Safe scalpel to reduce chances of baby being cut
  • Question your method of skin closure, and ask to be sutured, and closed with glue. If you're larger, the Dr can put the binder on after surgery.
  • Put on your c-section belly band band while in the hospital - before you get out of bed the very first time.
  • Do our Massage DVD for your complete cs scar care.
Abdominal Surgery Belly Band Support Wrap

Abdominal Surgery Belly Band Support Wrap

Rebound more quickly with C Section Recovery kit! The most important aid you can have to heal from a C Section is a Belly Band from AbdoMend. Decrease pain and stress, and improve walking and mobility so you can focus on baby.

Cesarean or vaginal birth both require compression to help the tissue shrink back. This is doubly true after c-section to help the incision heal and to get you back to your pre pregnant shape. Wearing a belly band will allow you to move more easily while reducing pain.

Shrink your hips, tummy and create a smaller scar with the C Section Recovery Kit.


Use our Massage DVD to learn important techniques for your self massage scar care. Enjoy the stress buster meditation and the skin brush techniques to rejuvenate the skin.

Wrapping your tummy is key to bouncing back and feeling great. Improve your c-section recovery with our cotton post surgical binders and scar massage.

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