C-Section wound closure improves with Glove change by Doctor

C-Section wound closure improves with Glove change by Doctor

I read an article yesterday based on a study in a Minnesota Hospital over a period of a year which clearly shows that a simple glove change by all attending Doctors and nurses in the operating room reduces skin separation and improves wound healing! Clearly old habits of using the same gloves to open the body, do the surgery and then close the body needs to be changed right away.

Imagine you don’t need a wound vac, or wound infections, or large scars because your Dr changed his/her gloves prior to closing your incision post C-Section, or any abdominal surgery, like hysterectomy’s, appendectomy’s, etc. Once the gloves have touched the intestines, bladder or other areas, bacteria spreads from those parts, and are directly deposited on internal organs and skin layers by the Dr using the same gloves!

Skin separation is the main observation that was noted to decrease with the change of gloves. So if you don’t want to have problems with your incision and scar, request from your Dr that they change their gloves mid surgery when closing up your abdominal cavity. Ladies and Gentlemen, nothing could be easier and less expensive!

The study also found that irrigating the vagina with iodine prior to surgery helps decrease endometriosis! So bacteria ladies can really complicate surgery, ask your Dr to do the right thing, and use a hemostatic agent also to reduce cauterization (burning) of tissues to stop bleeding. You can find many useful tips on our site CSectionRecoveryKit.com . C Section Recovery Kit is here with all the latest news for your improved surgery, find us also on Facebook and on csectionrecoverybelt.com.


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