Misgav Ladach method for Cesarean Birth

Cesarean Section or C-Section can be a life saver.

The Misgav Ladach Method has been shown to have fewer side effects with a faster recovery. the main difference with the standard way of C Sections, is they go through the muscle belly below the belly button with their fingers and pull open the muscles to expose the Uterus. Less bleeding and a faster recovery are the benefits, but a small scar under the belly button would be the main downside. In our opinion the small exposed scar is worth not having the tendon cut and the bladder removed during the surgical birth.

Abdominal Surgery Belly Band Support Wrap

Rebound more quickly with C Section Recovery kit! The most important aid you can have to heal from; a C Section is a Belly Band from AbdoMend. Decrease pain and stress, and improve walking, moving so you can focus on baby.


Cesarean or vaginal birth require compression to help the tissue shrink back, heal and get you back to your pre pregnant shape. Move more easily and shrink your hips, tummy and create a smaller scar with the C Section Recovery Kit.

Use our Massage DVD to learn important techniques for your self massage care. Enjoy the stress buster meditation and the skin brush rejuvenates the skin. Every woman knows that wrapping your tummy is key to bouncing back and feeling great.

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