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Could not have recovered without this kit!

20120306153615_abOK!!! DON'T THINK JUST CLICK BUY!!! Could not have recovered without this kit! THis was my second C-Section and this time I was able to prepare for it! I did some browsing and concluded ok I will try this out. I was up and walking around with this on in a matter of a few hours! Yes of course I was sore still but hello I had MAJOR surgery and that what Vicodin is for anyway.... This is not big and bulky like the hospital binders it puts pressure where you need it and makes you feel comfortable. You will not regret it! BUY IT!! Picture is two weeks after my c-section!

- Jessica

Thank you for coming up with this product...

I cannot even begin to tell you how much the C-Section Recovery Belt has helped me recover from my c-section last month! I wore the belt during the last 2 months of my pregnancy as well and it helped so much in lessening back pain and soreness in my pelvic and tummy areas.

I wore it two days after my c-section and it made a HUGE difference in my recovery! The extra support that the belts provided was awesome. I was able to stand, walk, and get up from bed with a significantly less amount of pain and fear of ripping my stitches apart - which I really needed since I have a 3-year old to look after too. Plus, the material is soft, washable, and non-irritating so it was comfortable to wear it almost 24 hours a day. At 2 1/2 weeks post-partum, the belt was getting too big for me, despite washing it in hot water to shrink it down so I just moved on to the Hem-It-In Belt.

Thank you for coming up with this product... it really is the key to a better recovery from a c-section! Your belts do not disappoint and I will be recommending this to friends who will be giving birth!

Pia Rivera
Vancouver, BC

Great product!

This belt was a godsend after my baby was born. I had a natural, vaginal birth and put the belt on soon after delivery. It gave my abdomen the extra support it needed in the few days after birth and then provided stabilization for my low back during the whole postpartum period. I had a lot of discomfort in my pubic bone as well and it provided relief. I will still wear it under clothes for low back support until my abdominal muscles get their full strength back. Great product! Thank you! (I ordered 2 sizes, the medium and the voluptuous. The voluptuous was great in the few weeks right after birth because it covered my entire abdomen, and now the medium is great for wearing under clothes for excellent low back support. I was around 130lbs. 5'7" before pregnancy and was around 170 at the time of delivery. I wear size 6 or 8 and usually a medium with most brands. The large would have been a good choice if I was to get just one belt, but having the 2 really fit the bill for my needs.)

I am extremely impressed...

Hem-It-In Belt I am extremely impressed with the C-Section Bikini Belt. I wore it for support in my final months and I have no stretch marks!
Marla Looper
Hendersonville, NC

I am writing in regards to the C-Sectin Recovery Kit...

Summer Clark Letter I am writing in regards to the C-Sectin Recovery Kit created by Maui Healing Kits that I was given as a gift. I have had two C-Sections. The one, 12 years ago, I did not have the C-Section Recovery Kit. My most recent C-Section was done June 20, 2008. I was blessed with a healthy baby girl. After the surgery, the the permission from my doctor, I used the Bikini Belt with extra support strap while I was healing. I had minimal discomfort during the post op healing while using the kit. I am very happy that I was able to use it because I definitely felt a difference between the two C-Sections (post op). My first childbirth recovery was painful. This time I experienced no pain only discomfort as expected.My doctor was very happy wit the way I healed. If I do decide to have another child & require a C-Section I would use it again & I also recommend it to anyone else who is in need of a C-Section.

Summer Clark
Hendersonville, NC

I bless you all the time Christina for what you did for me...

I bless you all the time Christina for what you did for me......I followed your instructions and steps as per the kit and feel great.......I really hope that your invention becomes a mandatory part of the C-section experience.



I did end up having a c-section...

I did end up having a c-section unfortunately so I had my mom contact Shirley right away to get the smaller belt. I cannot thank you enough!!!! The support is tremendous, I wear it almost all the time. I can't imagine what my recovery would have been like without it.  I have a friend in her 5th month whose baby is breeched right now and they are telling her she will most likely have to have a cesarian as well. I am going to recomend your product to her.

Many many  mahalos!


I didn't have a baby but had to have a myomectomy...

Abdominal surgery patient:

I didn't have a baby but had to have a myomectomy for fibroid removal. I researched before the surgery but wasn't sure whether I needed this belt or not. So needless to say, I did not have this belt after my surgery!  I have never been in so much pain. I returned home after 3 days in the hospital and ordered this belt immediately! It has been a blessing. It wasn't until my 2 weeks post op that my Dr. suggested a binder. I was angry as this would have made the first week much easier to handle.

Thanks again for a great product.


I had NO trouble with...

I had NO trouble with the nurses at the hospital at all!!  They even saw that I was wearing the belt and asked if it was comfortable and if I wanted another (different) one.  The resident who helped with my c-section even helped me put it on one of the times I wanted to wear it.

Thanks so much.  It has been a great help.


I have to tell you how grateful I'm of your product...

Hi! Happy New Year!!! I have to tell you how grateful I'm of your product. I had my baby on December 28th and I was in the hospital for two nights of which the doctors did not allow me put it on but as soon as I walked in my house I did and it's amazing how comfortable it is. It makes me feel very supported and secure when walking and for all activities. I amazingly feel great after only 4 days. So when every you want me to give the review for the product let me know what to do and I will be glad to.




Thanks again! I received the day prior to delivering and I LOVE THIS BELT!!!! I have also made a recommendation to my Acupuncturist to share with her patients. AMAZING to say the least....

Thanks so much for your assistance...

Pamela T.

I showed my Doctor and he was also impressed...

Recently I had emergency surgery for a burst appendix. The surgery was done laparoscopicly and I was in ICU for 5 days. The pain was so intense I could barely stand. After being released from the hosiptal a friend told me about your product. I went on line and was impressed by the quality of your product. After recieving the belt I was even more impressed, I have had constant relief, the pain is controlled and the comfort is outstanding. I showed my Doctor what I had been using, at my checkup and he was also impressed. Thank you so much for making a product that not only relieves the pain and is so comfortable to wear. I only take it off to wash,and right back on. Thank you and your company for this product.

Katrina Aubuchon Dec 2011

I think you have a great product...

Dear Christina and Shirley,

Thank you so much for both a prompt reply and for sending along the photos! We have been happy to support your business – I think you have a great product! (Have I ever mentioned that when I had my 3rd child by c-section last October I took 5 binders to the hospital with me to try them all and the Bikini Belt was far and away my favorite!) As to why our practice sells far more of the product, I’m not exactly certain. In part, we see a high volume of women who are pregnant and recently postpartum and our staff believes in the utility of postpartum abdominal wall support. Essentially we educate and “sell” our patients on this idea and many of them then purchase a binder. Further, I expect that the volume of binders that we are selling will only increase in the coming months/years.

Thank for the holiday wishes!! My same warm wishes to you!!

Jessica L. McKinney, PT, MS
Director, Center for Women's Health
Marathon Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, LLC

I wanted you to know your belt has been a life saver...

Good Morning Christina,

You may recall you helped me with my order which you FedEx'd to me for my daughter. I wanted you to know your belt has been a life saver for her. It is truly a wonderful product. Not only did it help with my daughter's emergency c-section, but 4 days later she had emergency surgery to have her gall bladder removed. All in all without your product she would have been miserable. I am so thankful I took your advice and got her the petite size.

Again, you have a fantastic product and I thank you for your assistance.

Rose Bickford

If u are wondering weather to get this or not you should...

In my culture we use "fajas" after giving birth. It's basicly torn peices of sheets that woman tie around your waist to help with the healing. I have had 3 csections and with my last pregnancy I bought myself a recovery kit. I am so sorry I didn't get this with my first kids. If u are wondering weather to get this or not you should it's worth the Money. I was moving around the next day like usual.

Ana Madrigal

It was a god-send...

I just wanted to thank you so much for getting that recovery kit out on Friday!  I talked to my friend, who had the c-section, yesterday and she said it was a god-send, the best gift ever!  I was so happy to be able to help her feel better.  Thanks for helping me get it to her so quickly!


Just a quick note to tell you...

Hi Christina,
Just a quick note to tell you my surgery went very well, I have a vertical incision and I am wearing the Abdomend belt as I write on computer.   (I am not sitting here too long!)  I love your product, it is so soft and I am learning how to use it to support me best. If I learn anything after this experience I will pass it on.  I am using the skin brush and doing gentle scar work and lymph drainage work too!  I find that the belt makes it more comfy to do my walks for certain. The hospital gave me a small cushion pillow to press against abdomen and this helps too!  I passed your book around the office to the therapists that are certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage..and they found the illustrations very very good. You did an excellent job at detailing scar work during the progression of scar healing.  Thanks for your wonderful product.


Oh, its made such a difference to my wife...

Hello Christina,

We received the binder and Oh, its made such a difference to my wife.  Finally she doesn't need me literally pull her out of bed in the middle of the night to feed the baby!  It's made her mobility so much better.

Thank you for all your help in getting us the Abdomend so promptly.

Again thanks from our heart,


She has been wearing the belt everyday...

Melissa Steward LetterShe has been wearing the belt everyday and says it has really helped her.

Melissa Steward
Clevand, Tennessee
Complicated C-Section


I had a natural birth the 1st time June 11,2006 and an emergency c-section at September 30th,2009. The hospital or my doctor didn't give me a binder or anything to support my incision, they said that all I needed to do was to keep it clean and not to lift anything heavy. I was in so much pain for a week and I couldn't take it. Thats when i found the Abdomend, I was hesitant at first,but i decided it was worth trying. I am glad I did because it has been a life saver, I could spend more time with my daughter and have minimal pain.

The abdomend has made it easier for me to get up and sit down, and do all my usual activities around the house. The pain is still there but I could of definitely say that the Bikini belt gave me relief and made me enjoy my baby more, It's been a month that i have using the bikini belt and i still love it,so comfortable and lightweight,i wear it everyday. Even to sleep!

I wish i knew about it before i knew i was going to have a c-section. I recommend all of these products to anyone that is pregnant, having C-Section or vaginal birth.

Veronica F.
Spring Lake, NC

Thank you so much for your help with my daughter's recovery...

testimonial6_4_11Thank you so much for your help with my daughter's recovery. She found the abdomend to be a great help when standing and carrying the baby. She particularly appreciated the back support strap!

Thank you so much for your help...

Mother from Georgia:

Thank you so much for your help with the belts.  I really had a great recovery thanks to them. I am expressing my feelings to my doctors about telling other patients about them.

Our family is doing great since our new arrival.



Thanks a million!

jeanette_salinasHi! My babies came sooner then we all expected. They were born yesterday afternoon. Two beautiful healthy baby girls. I was allowed to put the belt today and it has ease most of the pain. v I have attached a picture of us and the miracle belt. :)

Thank you again,
Jeanette Salinas

The Band is amazing!

maria_h_1The Band is amazing and is helping me to heal. I regret that I didn't have it with my first child!

Thank you so much for you product.

-Maria H

The kit has become the perfect gift for me to give my friends & family that are soon to be mommys

I recently had my second baby after a horrible experience on my first c-section and the healing.  I started looking for something to help me this time around because I definitely did not want the issues I had with my first baby this time. I'm so grateful for the entire recovery kit and belt!  This was a true blessing for me this time around with a perfect healing and the support I needed directly on my c-section area but yet gentle enough not to hurt me at all, on the contrary it provided me the perfect amount of pressure to minimize my pain and make the whole process easer.  I'm truly happy with my results to the point that the healing kit has become the perfect gift for me to give my friends & family that are soon to be mommys!

Thank you so much Christina!

When I walked, I no longer had that feeling like something was out of place inside of me...

After having had my baby by Caesarean Section, I imagined I was going to have to spend a month in bed trying to avoid laughing, sneezing or coughing, for fear of the pain it might cause in the area of the operation. I was also afraid that I might pull or rip out the stitches, so walking around was simply unthinkable. Thankfully, all that I imagined proved to be nothing more than fear. When Lauren Garayt brought me her "AbdoMend C-Section Recovery" belt and I tried it on, I immediately felt a great degree of comfort. When I walked, I no longer had that feeling like something was out of place inside of me. It's very easy to put on, and the cotton material makes it attach comfortably to the body, so much so that you forget that it's even there. For that first while, I couldn't go out anywhere without the AbdoMend belt, I used it constantly because I felt much more comfortable when walking and I think it really helped make my recovery a much faster process than anticipated. I truly recommend this product to other mothers recovering from C-Sections.

Marta Ramos
Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 2009

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